Our people


Sakalima Sikaneta, PhD.
Concept Lead
With  experience spanning the oil and gas, environmental, and mining sectors in various parts of the globe, Sakalima is one of those people who seems to know a little about a lot, often mulling ways to improve things. He has been the main driving force behind Metamorphic and Ravel AS.
Morten Often
Senior Geologist
Morten is one of Norway's most respected and well-connected geologists. He is former head of the mineral resources section of the Geological Survey of Norway,  former CEO of Store Norske Gullkompani, former head of exploration and geology at Store Norske Kulllompani (the world's northernmost mine), and possesses a raft of other experience invaluable to the Metamorphic team.
Skage Hem, PhD
Process Lead
Skage Hem is a mineralogist with extensive experience commercializing research and development within the mining sector. Skage was most recently head of R&D (Mining) at FLSmidth, a multinational providing technology and services to the mining and cement sectors.
Thomas Meldahl Olsen
Thomas joins the Metamorphic team with experience as an electrical engineer, a member of the armed forces and as a geologist and geophysicist. In addition to his involvement with Metamorphic, Thomas is currently pursuing his PhD in geophysics at the University of Stavanger.
Environmental Society and Governance (ESG) Lead
Metamorphic is seeking to fill this key role with an applicant having a strong understanding of the social, scientific and business factors that come into play in the the raw materials sector. The ideal candidate will be fluent in Norwegian.
Finance Lead
Metamorphic is seeking a financial lead with experience raising funds for environmental and/or resource projects.