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Ultramafic Prospects

Metamorphic is exploring ultramafic prospects to build a supply of magnesium minerals, amorphous silica and metal concentrates.
We are working with partners to implement renewable energy powered processes that will convert virtually all the ore into products.  This will maximize revenue and reduce mining waste to a bare minimum.

Magnesium minerals are used for metal and alloy production, as fertilizers and in many other applications. Reactive magnesium minerals can also be used in carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorous "capture and utilization" processes.  Capture and utilization converts these pollutants into a range of products including fire retardants, carbon negative cements, wallboard, fillers, and other construction materials. Magnesium is ranked as one of the most critical elements to the EU having both very high supply risk and very high economic importance.

In addition to the magnesium minerals, the ores contain significant amounts of silica, iron, chromium, nickel and cobalt. These are all used in traditional and green industries with nickel and cobalt being particularly important for the battery industry.

Vadasbakti is our flagship prospect located in northernmost Norway. We currently estimate this exploration target to have a size of between 500 million and 4.5 billion tons. In addition to serpentine, the ore contains high concentrations of brucite and significant concentrations of nickel, cobalt, iron, and chromium. Copper, platinum group elements and vanadium are also present and their distributions are currently being evaluated.
Rotfjellet is an ultramafic body that contains at least 3.5 billion tons of magnesium-rich ore. Metal concentrations at the deposit are currently unknown, but soil samples in the region have shown high concentrations of nickel, cobalt, iron and chromium in addition to the magnesium.
Ophiolysis ™
Ophiolysis™ is a "whole rock" process technology being developed by Metamorphic, Cambridge Carbon Capture and our other partners. Ophiolysis™ produces magnesium hydroxide, silica, and metal concentrates from ultramafic ore using renewable power and environmentally benign material inputs.
Cambridge Carbon Capture
Cambridge Carbon Capture (CCC) is a UK-based company commercializing mineral-based Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage. Metamorphic has a memorandum of understanding to provide feedstock for CCC and to co-develop new process technologies.

Other Projects

Høgtuva is a speciality metal deposit that hosts beryllium, light and heavy rare earths, zirconium, niobium, thorium and uranium. It is western Europe's only known beryllium deposit of significance which makes Høgtuva a particularly strategic asset. The prospect presents the challenge of harmonizing extraction with environmental impact since some of the target minerals are toxic or radioactive.
Annelid & Backfilling Technologies
The Annelid is a highly selective, "endoscopic" mining and backfilling system designed to extract minerals from thin deposits in an almost traceless manner. It is a remotely operated system which makes it ideal for prospects like Høgtuva.

Development of the Annelid was spearheaded by Ravel AS (a Metamorphic company) with funding support from Innovation Norway. To accelerate development, plans are underway to open-source the project.